Monday, November 7, 2011

Our Utah Weekend

We spent the weekend down in Utah, and had a great time! The main reason we went down was because our friend's Tyler and Alishia were getting married! Tyler and Kyle were roommates in summer 2008 at the Riv, then Tyler moved to VP, which is where Kyle ended up moving a year later, so they were in the same ward together again. I of course met Tyler through Kyle. Tyler and Alishia met in their ward at VP, and are perfect for each other! We've become really good friends with them and were so happy to share their special day. 

But first things first,  we drove down to Nate and Mel's Friday night. My Friday afternoon client ended up cancelling so we were able to leave earlier than we expected, so that was nice. We got to Nate and Mel's played with the kids for a while, and then all went to bed. We got up early the next morning, got ready, and drove down to the Mt Timpanogos temple. We were able to go to their sealing (which was performed by her grandpa, so sweet), and then to a delicious luncheon (roast, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, bread, lemonade, and chocolate cake!). Both of their dad's gave great little speeches, as did the bride and groom.

After the luncheon, we drove down to BYU where we were able to meet up with my mom and see Charity, who was participating in the diCi Day of Dance at BYU. We went to her little performance, and it was really fun.

After that was over we went to Missy's, where Ayisha was painting her room since she is moving in! We got to spend time with Miss, Ish, and then Katie came over too. (Poor Kyle was a great sport!) 
Then, we headed to Tyler and Alishia's reception, which was in the Skyroom in the Wilk.
We saw lots of friends there, our former bishop, my cousin Bri, and had a great time eating crepes and drinking hot chocolate. Mmmm, mmm. 

After the reception we went to Jill and Garyn's (the couple in the above picture, some of our best friends!) where we ate some pizza and just chatted.
And then we drove back up to Nate and Mel's, busy day!

Sunday we spent time with the family, and went to church together.

After church, we went over to Melanie's parents house, ate dinner, and then K and I took off for home.

We had a busy, busy weekend, but we loved.
I, however, and now sick :( I started feeling sick last night, and stayed home this morning with a terrible sore throat, headache and congestion. Hopefully I can start feeling better! 

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