Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Activities 2011

Well, a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving has come and gone. 

Our week(end) was full of family, friends, and food.
We spent time with my mom and Charity (Clue and Yahtzee! are a blast with an eight year old, let me tell you). We visited Grandma Hanson in Price, and saw other members of the Hanson clan while there. We did a little bit of shopping (four shirts and one tank for me and one shirt for K for $30? Yes, please). We saw Ayisha and Janae. We went on a double date with my BFF Dani and her awesome fiance Mich. We ate delicious food (the regular Thanksgiving fare, Wingers, BK and MickeyD's, Mimi's Cafe, and homemade lasagna). We slept in and napped. Basically we just had a great time.

Now we're back home, putting things away, and getting excited to start decorating for Christmas!

(Here are a couple pictures from our double with Dani and Mich!)

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