Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Hair

Let me tell you a story... A story about the many hair lengths of Britt.
This story will be lengthy (har, har) and involve a lot of pictures.
Get ready.

Upon graduation from high school (May 2007) it was this lovely length.

 And it stayed long into October of 2007 (aka Freshman year)

But then, in November 2007, it was chopped.

And then it grew out.

And then it was chopped again. (In October-ish 2008.)

And it grew out a little more. (This picture, March 2009.)

 And then it grew out, and was long for our engagements (October 2009).

And for our wedding (May 2010). (Ok, technically this is a bridal taken in April '10.)

 And then I cut it in June 2010.

And since then it's been growing again.
(evidenced in a February 2011 photo, and a June 2011 photo.)

And now it's really long. And I like it? Mostly.
But I kind of want a change. (Hence why I dyed the bottom part of my hair black-ish in June.)
But do I really want to cut my hair? If I do cut it - I'll go short. 
Go big or go home, I say.

Thoughts, opinions? I probably wouldn't cut it until January anyway... I just want thoughts.
I think I look good (better?) with long hair. And medium length.
Ok, and I look ok with short hair. I think.

I would do something like this:

Or maybe this: (but a little bit shorter)

Like maybe this?
(Sorry, I stole your picture, Alishia! But I love your hair!)
(And don't worry readers, I know them both!)

Any thoughts on the matter?
Don't hold back. You can tell me I look terrible in one hairstyle or the other, if you want.


haili hunter said...

Well I like long hair in general so I think you should keep it long. But I think you should keep it long anyways. I go through that "i need a change quite often. But that doesn't have to be drastic, it can be as simple as finding a new hairdo. I dont know. My vote is for keep it long. :)

lexio said...

1. you have no idea how incredibly jealous I am of your thick, quick growing hair. jealous.

2. I think short would look really cute on you,

Godfrey's said...

Keep it long! I love long hair!

haili hunter said...

I agree with Lexi.
I am so jealous how fast your hair grows.

Anonymous said...

hey britt, its ash parker(janae little sis) well to be honest i dont like the girls hair in the couple pic, but the middle one i love a lot ..

that's my opinion

love ash

Jill said...

your long hair is SO gorgeous, but I understand the need for change, but really think hard because you have one lovely head of long hair

Alishia said...

Well, You are lucky; Your hair grows fast! Chop it! If you don't like it, it will always grow back! :) I like the middle picture as well. you have that similar cut up above and I like it! I think an A-Line would be pretty!

Ky said...

Um ok. What steroids are you taking to make your hair grow so long and so fast and be so beautiful?! I wish mine grew like that! I vote to stay with the long, but I understand the need for change-I totally just chopped mine off in July. So I vote do whatever makes you happy :) Miss you and hope you're doing well up there!

Scott and Nancy said...

You know, your hair was a LOT longer than that graduation picture in high school! I must have a picture somewhere of you from 11th grade, because I remember it going clear down your back. But either way, I love however you do your hair. You are lucky it is so thick and pretty!