Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Catch Up!

Well, now that I have caught up with all our honeymoon posts and pictures, I can catch up with what has been going on since we've been home.

I've been working full time at BYU Independent Study (the Testing Department, if you didn' t know). Monday-Friday, 8-5. It's tough. I really hate getting up early, haha. But it's a good habit for me to get into, plus I'll have to do it through at least December. Yuck.
I start summer classes in 3 1/2 weeks, and I'm actually pretty excited. I'm SO close to being done. Yes, I graduate next April, and it is pretty far away, but when I think about how many classes/credits I have left, I know that I really am close.
Gotta keep keepin' on.

Kyle's currently the stay-at-home husband, and he's ready to be over that spot in his life. He's searching for jobs that will give him good experience in his major/graduate school choice. So that's coming along. He recently decided he thinks he actually wants to go to graduate school in Marriage and Family Therapy, not Organizational Psych like he originally thought. BYU has a good Master's program, so there might be a chance we stay in Utah... so we'll see!

Last weekend, we went to the temple. It was my first time in the Provo Temple, and it was really great. I saw my friend Camille in the dressing room, which was really fun. We also spent quality time at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Target, returning gifts, and using gift cards. We have pretty much everything we need now! there are just a few remaining things that we'll get soon.
I love our comforter! I had a hard time picking one out before the wedding, and I'm glad no one bought either of the ones we registered for. We picked it up on Saturday, and it was a really good deal! $80 for the sheets, pillowcases, shams, bedskirt and comforter, as well as two decorative pillows! It looks like this, and our blue and white sheets that we picked out and received for our wedding go great with it!

We also spent Sunday afternoon with Nathan's family. Alan also came over, and we chatted and ate dinner. Then, it was time for LOST! The finale! I really liked it. Yeah, it may not have answered a ton of questions, but sometimes I think that it's best to leave some questions unanswered instead of trying to answer them and making even more of a confusing mess. And I loved seeing all the characters together again. *tear*
You can go here to see Sarah's thoughts, and I pretty much echo her in every way.
And I just want you all to know that Hurley is my favorite character.

Oh, Sunday we also went to our married ward for the first time. Everyone seems really friendly. The downside? Church is 2:30-5:30. What?!! Who just makes church that late? But an upside is that we have church in an actual church building, in a real chapel. I haven't had that in over 3 years. Also, the very first talk was straight from the Proclamation, about multiplying and replenishing the earth. Kyle and I both thought that was pretty funny.

Well, I think that's about it. We're still working on getting all of our stuff put away from the move. Once our apartment is clean, and cute looking, I'll take and post pictures.

Oh, and here are just a few pictures that haven't been posted. A couple from Kyle's graduation, and then a few that my lovely little sister took last week. The other one is a rainbow ended over the stadium. Kyle had to stop and take a picture, you know it's going to be a good season when the pot of gold is in the stadium! :)


Nikki said...

where did you get that bed spread? super cute!

sarah joelle said...

I LOVE THE RAINBOW COMING OUT OF THE STADIUM. it just goes to show how hallowed of a place it is ;) yayyyy FOOTBALL!

Jordan and Katelyn said...

So I'm not sure how I ended up on your blog (down time at work=blog stalking), but I'm here and I love it! So cute! I'm putting you on my blog list. Hope thats ok! :)

Leanna Wagstaff said...

i love you.

how have i not had your blog on my read/lust list?

done and done.

weird how marriage can make you suck at things you(I) used to rock at: blogging.