Thursday, May 20, 2010

Honeymoon, part 1

After our reception ended, we drove to the lovely Hines Mansion,
in Provo.
We had booked the Whispering Willows room.
We were also the only guests there that night, so in the morning we were treated to a wonderful hot breakfast, cooked just for us.
The rest of Friday, we just hung out, and I also got my stitches taken out.
Saturday Evan and Holly, and my mom, and Blaine, Brooke and Allie all came over, and Kyle and I opened our wedding gifts.

Thank you so much to everyone!
(You'll be receiving thank you cards... soon).

Sunday morning, Kyle and I woke up early!
And then we drove up to Alan's.
And picked him up.
And drove to the airport, to fly to Long Beach!
(Alan drove our car back to his place and left it there for the week, thanks, Alan!)
Our flight left around 8:15 am, I think.
We flew out to the Long Beach airport, on a little plane.
The Long Beach airport is so tiny!
From there, we took a taxi over to the Carnival port.
And ate, and checked in, and waiting until we could get on the ship.
And then we did.

It a HUGE ship.
The Carnival Splendor.
Over the next 2 1/2 days, we sat around, ate, slept, ate some more, watched movies, played minigolf, ate, laid out on the deck, etc.
Basically, we relaxed.
And it was wonderful.
The next posts will be about our exciting times in Mexico!


Nikki said...

Long Beach Airport is my airport! Every time I go there I send a picture to Annika because Long Beach was Brett's mission haha. Anyways love you. Sounds super fun!

Cassie Lynne said...

Love this :) o, and ps... how did you make your layout full page? I want to spread my 3 columns out, but I'm not sure how. and remember how you helped me get my blog started because I had issues.. haha love you!!

Camille said...

Yay! Cruises are the best! It was so fun to see you in the temple the other night! Someday we should make bumping into each other NOT a coincidence. :) Can't wait to see pics and hear about the cruise!