Tuesday, June 1, 2010

3 Day Weekend... and then some.

I sure love three day weekends. Getting an extra day to sleep in is wonderful.As is spending extra time with Kyle.

On Saturday we both kind of did our own things. Kyle went up to Midvale to watch Iron Man 2 with Alan.
I went up to Salt Lake for my friend Stephanie's bridal shower.
We both had a lot of fun.
Sunday was my good friend Collin's homecoming.
So, we got up and went to that.
Then we stopped by Collin's house for some food and talking time.
The rest of the day we were just lazy; napping, reading, eating, being together.

On Monday, Kyle went to the driving range with Garyn, and then we went and picked up some KFC and went on a drive up the canyon.
It was beautiful.
We drove up to the Squaw Peak lookout, which neither of us had done before. It was an amazing view. You could see the entire Utah valley, and then some.

Wednesday, I got my hair cut by wonderful Emily.
And... I got bangs!
I'd been debating for a while whether I wanted to get them cut or not. And I hadn't before the wedding, just so I knew exactly what my hair would look like.
And so I got them cut.
I'll probably cut my hair short again next week, but for now I'm enjoying my long hair, and getting used to bangs.

We also went out and bought a lovesac yesterday. Well, technically it's a MonsterSak. We got it from a little furniture store called Furnish It. I found it by googling lovesacs, since we were trying to find a good deal. And boy did we. They manufacture them themselves, so we only paid $140 for a 5 foot one.

My name is now officially changed on my social security card, and at my bank.
Only a few more places to go until I'm officially Brittanny Hanson everywhere, to everyone! :)


Camille said...

So cute Britt! I am loving the bangs!

Heidi Greaves said...

Your header picture is so adorable. I want to see more wedding pictures! I'm glad you had a fun weekend!

sarah joelle said...

YAY BANGS! i like them a lot. and i'm not just saying that because i know you're going to check this as soon as i finish commenting. i really for realsies love them. :)

Leanna Wagstaff said...

"i got bangs!"

gah!! i love!!!

i miss you.