Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Honeymoon, part 5

The rest of the time we spent on the ship was so fun.
More lounging around, and eating.
For the days we were on the ship, Kyle and I always had an afternoon snack of pizza and ice cream. The soft serve ice cream was delicious, we could eat so much of it!
My very favorite dessert on the cruise was the chocolate melting cake.
Oh, how delicious.
I honestly got this every night.

I don't think I already blogged about this, but I got a tiny bit seasick.
It was mostly when we ate dinner.
The restaurant was at the very back of the boat, and I could feel it sway.
but I never got sick or anything, just was bothered by it more than anything.

Every night when they turn down your bed, they leave a little animal made out of towels, so we made sure to take a picture of each one.

On Sunday morning we docked early, and got ready to go.
there were a few delays, but we didn't mind, because our plane didn't leave for about 8 hours anyway.
We took a taxi to the airport, and hung out there for a long while.
Finally, we got on the airport and came home!

And how good it is to be home, in our own apartment.

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