Monday, October 1, 2012

A Weekend Wrap-up

Our weekend started off by eating pizza and watching the Cougs flatten Hawaii. Not the biggest win to brag about, but hey, we'll take it! We were just glad to see our offense moving the ball. Taysom Hill did great, and we hope Bronco will leave him in for a few more games....

Saturday was ISU's homecoming parade. Yes, Pocatello has a parade for homecoming. Can you imagine if Provo had one for BYU's? Madness would ensue. But anyway, the counseling department decorated a float and Kyle got to be on it. I..... could have been on it. But I decided to spend my morning sleeping. And showering. But I'm told the parade went well :) Saturday afternoon, K and I thought we'd drive up to Idaho Falls and go to the Temple. However, after making the drive up there, and pulling into a confusingly empty parking lot, we were informed that the last session had been at 11 am, because of the RS broadcast later that night. Disappointing, for sure. But we did enjoy walking through the newly remodeled visitor's center, and I also talked Kyle into taking me to the Olive Garden, since I love it, and there's not one in Pocatello.

Example of how annoyingly indecisive I am - from choosing where to go for lunch on Saturday.
Driving down the road:
Me: Let's go to lunch at Olive Garden. Or Applebee's. Or Chili's. Maybe that Smitty's place.
Kyle: Ok, you decide.
Me: Welllll, I don't know. This is such a hard decision!
Kyle: I'm pulling over until you make your decision. We can go to Wendy's for all I care.
Me: Wellll, how about Olive Garden? Since there isn't one in Poky and I love it. But... that billboard for Applebee's looks good. But, wait, Olive Garden. Um, no, ok, Applebee's.
Kyle starts to drive to Applebee's.
Me: NO, WAIT! The Olive Garden. Yes, Olive Garden. Ok, yes.

It was the right decision. But feel bad for Kyle for having to put up with me, haha.
Anyway, after lunch, we drove home, and worked on our talks. And I went out to the RS Broadcast with some fabulous ladies in our ward. (Ward friends! We love them!)

Sunday was the 5th Sunday, so we had combined meetings, which means Kyle and I got to sit together all three hours of church. We also gave talks in sacrament meeting. Kyle's was fantastic, and I heard mine was ok too :) After church we napped, had dinner, put away some laundry, and then babysat our friend's little girl, Leah for a couple of hours so they could go to a class. Leah is the cutest thing you have ever seen, so happy and easy going! And she started bawling when we left. It made me feel loved :) Also, the season two premiere of Once Upon a Time was on and it was SO GOOD. Can't wait to see what this season brings.....

And that was our weekend :)

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Chelseasaurus said...

Ooh I agree about Once Upon A Time! I was excited that Mulan was on it because I always loved that movie. And also, don't go to Smitty's! My grandpa used to always love to go to the one in IF and my sister and I hated it. So good choice going to Olive Garden haha.