Monday, October 15, 2012

A Fun-Filled Weekend

I went down to Utah for the weekend, by myself! That's a first - and I missed my love, but also had a fantastic time.

The reason I went down was because my wonderful Lexi was getting married..
Lex and I have been friends since third grade. Good ol' Ms. Russell's class. We somehow immediately bonded, and became inseparable throughout the rest of elementary school. We were in the class each year, usually sat by each other (it helped having last names one letter apart), and spent many weekends over at each other's houses. Our principal called us her "salt-and-pepper twins" (Lex is blonde). We went to different junior high and high school's but kept in touch. At BYU we were able to have a class together our sophomore year.
Anyway, the moral of the story is that she is fantastic, and I love her.
And so I was thrilled to learn that she was getting married.
And I was even more thrilled to be invited to her special day.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

I drove down Friday after work. 
It was a nice day in Pocatello, but started raining around the Ogden area, and didn't let up until I got to Nate and Mel's. On my way, I picked up In N Out. Nate was out of town, so Mel and I stayed up talking and watching Snow White and the Huntsman.
The morning was full of getting ready and loving on my cute nieces and nephew.

I loved being back in the Salt Lake Temple. It was a strange feeling to sit in the marriage waiting room, and think that 2.5 years ago, my closest friends and family were sitting there, waiting for MY sealing. 
The sealing was wonderful, and Lexi looked amazing. It was a lot of fun seeing her siblings/family as well, since it had been SO LONG since I'd seen anyone.

Now the pictures: 
All newly married.
Looking up at the sprinkling rain.
They are in looooove.
And it makes me happy.
More happiness.
Me with the bride and groom.
Me and the Lex, reunited.
A classic shot, I love it.
Lexi with her five younger sibs (Sam, Hannah, Mati, Liv, Chris). Her older brother, Spencer, is currently suffering from brain cancer, and was unable to attend.
Just the girls. These four have shared a room all their lives (minus Lex and Mati moving for college) and love each other so much. Such cute sisters.
 I haven't mentioned the groom yet, Aaron. 
The first time I met him was at the sealing, But he seemed like a dapper fellow. And seems to really love Lexi a lot! I like him.

I had a few hours between the sealing and the ring ceremony/reception. I was able to meet up with my cute friend Ali. Ali was either a 7th or 8th grader the year we were in the same ward. I was a senior, the only one in my ward. We got along pretty well despite our age difference, and we've kept in touch (thanks, Facebook). She's now a freshman at UVU (which I can't believe.... I'm so old!) We got together at Starbucks and just spent about an hour talking and catching up. 
(Also, while at Starbucks, I ran into Kyle's cousin Melanie with her twin girls, Layla and Malia. It was so fun  and unexpected to see them!)
After saying bye to Ali, I drove to Adrianne's and met her sweet Juliet. 

Me and baby Juliet :)
After that, I drove down to Lex's grandparent White's house in Payson.
The ring ceremony was sweet, and I helped finish setting up for the reception.

The ring ceremony.
Exchanging rings.
Love. (Also, I didn't mention, but her mom made her dress, with Lex's help. So pretty and amazing!)
The fantastic cake!
A view of the reception - it was gorgeous.
Me and the bride, again :)
 Oh man, I'm just so happy for those two.

After the reception, I met up with Ayisha!
We went to the mall, where I got some cute things for a good deal.
Then we went and picked up Janae and went to the Pizza Factory.
I love that place. We got three things, and shared. 
A bowtie pasta chicken caesar salad, a delicious penne with chicken, sun dried tomatoes, and pesto sauce, and my favorite - bacon ranch chicken pizza (without the onions). 
(Sadly, I was really stuffed up, and couldn't taste very well. Second sadly, I left the leftovers as Ayisha's house. But I made Kyle promise to take me back.)

It was so good to hang out with those two, and chat. 
I love my girlies.

 I slept over at Ish's, which was fantastic.

The next morning, we got ready and hung out. Then went our separate ways. 
I went to Sarah's and chatted with her about all things wedding for an hour.
Then I drove to Bonnie's to visit her and her cute fam, and see their new place. I love me some Bonnie time. 

Then I drove to my Aunt Robin and Uncle Sam's because my dad came to town! It was great to see him, and I also got to see my cousin Joe, and his wife Nikki, and their two cute kids Zach and Layla. My Aunt Robin cooked a delicious meal.

And then I drove home to my Kyle.
And I was exhausted, and fell asleep at 8:30.

But I'm excited to go back down this weekend, spend more time with my dad, and celebrate my mom's birthday!

I'm so grateful for all the wonderful family and friends I have!

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Evan said...

My, oh, my--you did use your time to see lots of your friends. It's great that you are still in touch with so many & that many are married & in the same stage of life as you. Great fun to read about it & see it in pictures, too.