Wednesday, October 10, 2012


1. So, I caved in and bought gummy vitamins. Because, even though I should, I will not take vitamins you have to swallow whole. I hate them. I hate pills. I hate gagging. So. I bought the (slightly more expensive) gummy kind so that I will actually take vitamins and be healthy. Or something like that.

2. You know those people who are witty and funny, and can be quick and concise in blog posts? I wish that were me. But it's not.... So I will continue being a long winded blogger. Sorry, friends.

3. I think 2-5pm should disappear. Or be nap time everywhere. Either one.

4. Last weekend was General Conference. YES! It was fantastic, and I can't wait to get my Ensign. (Side note: the family on the cover of this month's Ensign Kyle knows. He served in the same mission, and went to their sealing and everything. We're practically famous.)

5. This weekend will be also fantastic. It will include seeing my oldest and dearest friend, Lexi, get sealed. I'm so happy for her! :) It will also include girl time with some of my favorites, but mostly a SLEEPOVER with my bff Ayisha. Yep, be jealous.

6. Kyle was sick last week, and I've been sick this week. I thought my head was going to explode from sinus pressure. No bueno :(

7. I renamed my car. Aerie wasn't doing it for me, so now her name is Suzie Q. I've been thinking about it for a while, but it's not official until it's on the blog, so there it is.

8. Kyle and I love Pretty Little Liars. We're about halfway through the second season. And ok, maybe Kyle only likes it, but he still watches it with me.

9. K and I have been reading the Maze Runner series. We liked the first book, the second was ok, and we read the third summary online. It was a disappointing series, overall.

10. But on the other hand I read the most AMAZING book, The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield. Read it. You will love it. Especially if your favorite books are Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights, like mine. Then you will extra love it. HOLY COW IT WAS SO GOOD READ IT NOW.

11. I just really really want Les Mis to come out NOW.

12. Kyle and I love mac and cheese with hot dogs.

13. I scored some great deals shopping today (most of them not even for me!). Thank you to coupons, and clearance.

14. Kyle did laundry last night. I love him.


Nadia Despain said...

Trent and I are halfway through the second season too! And he also watches it with me! I read it and I was like: "Trent, that's totally us!" He'll be missing a bunch of episodes while he's in school tomorrow since I have Fall break and plenty of time.

Trent Despain said...

Actually... a few of your comments made me see how similar we are... if you were Mexican you and Kyle would be just like us! :P

Chelseasaurus said...

I'm going to confess and let you know that I recently watched all the episodes of Pretty Little Liars, and I am very excited for the new episode in a week and a half. Shame. Only my sister knows, so keep it quiet haha.

Bryan + Anna said...

Pretty Little Liars is the best. No joke.

Janae said...

aw britt! I just miss you! I love that you and kyle have a show you love, and he watches it with you. we do vampire diaries lol. We should write letters to the producer of Les Mis and maybe he'll let us come see it now :) love the car name :) you should come see me while your down! love you!