Friday, August 19, 2011


I just downloaded the blogger app on my phone so we'll see how this works... I'm not too good at texting on this phone yet anyway ha ha.
Anyway, a little bit of an update.  Kyle had orientation yesterday and said it went well. He's looking forward to starting classes on Monday. I had two interviews yesterday. One with the school district to work at the alternative high school with kids with behavior and social issues. The other was to be a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist at a place called Access Point. There I would work with kids  (toddler to age seventeen) with behavior and social issues in school, home, and community settings. The first job has benefits and better hours but the second job pays more, has more hours and is more of a career track as well as something I think I would enjoy a lot more. So, I'll keep you updated.
Sadly, we don't have internet our cable set up yet. Well, we have our account set up but the installation guys can't come out until the 30th. Boo. I really want to update with pictures from graduation and stuff but I'll just have to wait. We still have some boxes to unpack and pictures to hang up but it's starting to feel like home. It's weird to me to think that we live in another state! But it's been good so far and we've enjoyed getting to know Pocatello. Our ward seems great and so do our landlords.
We'll keep you updated with jobs and things! :)

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