Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Graduation Week

Graduation was pretty awesome, and really surreal. 
As I sat in the commencement exercises I just keep thinking, this is my college graduation. I'm a college graduate. This is it. I'm done. I made it. This is MY college graduation. 
I was a little in shock.

But let's back up. 
The week leading up to graduation was pretty crazy. K and I were both done with our jobs, and so we just packed all week. We also hung out with a lot of friends that week and the week before. 
Our parents (his mom and dad, and my dad) flew in on Wednesday night. K and I met up with my dad on Thursday morning, visited the cemetery where my Grandma G is buried, went on a drive, and went to lunch. Afterwards we met up with Kyle's parents and my mom and sister. I was dropped off to wait in line to march in, and they went to get seats. I was kind of bummed that the majority of my friends from my major had graduated or at least walked in April. So for commencement I just kind of kept to myself.
After commencement, we went out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe, a favorite of mine.

Friday, we all met up again at our house, along with our good friends Aaron and Erica and proceeded to pack all of our belongings into our rental U-haul ( as my convocation wasn't until 5 pm). Then we got ready, and went. Luckily, my good friend (from my major) Melissa showed up to walk with me! I thought she had graduated in April, but she hadn't. We were so excited to find each other. She made the day that much better.   The speaker was ... someone whose name I can't remember right now, but he's married to Carole Mikita, and she was there. I thought that was pretty neat. As I walked across the stage to accept my diploma cover, she smiled at me. I felt special, she's like a  Mormon/Utah celebrity, ha. 
Anyway, Melissa and I were nervous as we stood in line to have our names called and to collect our diploma covers, but it was great. Those deans and whoever else they are that shake your hand are so nice and just sound so sincere as they congratulate you. It just so happens that the faculty member who was actually doing the handing out of diplomas is my very least favorite professor in my department... But oh well.
(This is becoming quite a long story, I'm sorry.)

After it was all over, I found my family, we took pictures, and then went out to eat at Cafe Paesan. Yum! Then Kyle and I headed back to our apartment to finish cleaning. When we were done, we packed up the rest of our things and made the drive to Nathan and Melanie's where stayed the night. The next morning, bright and early we got up and made the drive to Pocatello - but that starts another story.

So now, here are pictures from Friday!

Me and Melissa!
Just after walking in... 
Getting ready to receive my diploma cover!
Shaking hands.
Me and my absolute favorite professor, Dr. Nelson. This man changed my life.
Me and Kyle
My baby sis.
Momma and sis.

Dad and me!
My wonderful in-laws.
Us again.

K put on his cap and gown and we took pictures together.


Steph said...

we missed you in April! But glad you got your turn!

But now I am totally curious to find out who your least favorite prof is!!! haha

Godfrey's said...

Aww Britt I am so happy for you that you are all done with college! Congrats on graduation! :)