Friday, August 5, 2011

Highlights from BYU (*may be updated)

Freshman Year
Roomed with Marie, Angie, Megan, Jenne, and Marisa. I love these girls. They were so good for me and to me - a little baby Freshman. 
Marie, Jenne, Megan, Me, Angie and Marisa
Me, Angie, Marisa, and Marie
I met some great girls in my French class the first day of school - Caitlin, Whitney, Lana, Megan, Jordan, and Vanessa. I keep the most in contact with Whitney, I love her! 
Megan, Cait, Me, Whit, and Vanessa
Me, Cait and Whit
I spent a lot of time with my Aaron and Collin. 

 Collin and Aaron left on their missions.
At Collin's farewell.
Ayisha and I would go down to Snow on the weekends to visit Caleb. 
I hung out with Peter. 
Caleb, Janae, Casey and I took a weekend trip to Cedar City once. 
I worked at the Cannon Center in the Bakery (and I enjoyed it mostly).

Sophomore Year
I started working at Seven Peaks the summer before and I made so many good friends there. I have so many awesome memories of working there. 
Aubs, Joe, Me
Me, Tyler, Britt, and Kayla
Steve, Me, and Peter
 Caleb left on his mission.
I spent a weekend at Britt's cabin with Joe and Jeremy. 
Britt, Me, Joe, and Jeremy
I moved into the Riv, and roomed with my BFF Dani and became great friends with our other roommate, Lindsay.
Me and Dani
Me and Linds
Hung out with Ayisha a lot.

I met so many awesome people in that ward - specifically Em and Nat! We had some great crazy times including, but not limited to Spirit Animal Party, DI trips, Scavenger Hunts, Halloween parties, SOP's, Crazy Hair Parties, etc.
Nat, Me, and Em (crazy hair party)
Leah, Me and Josh (scavenger hunt)
Landon, me and Trev
I met Kyle. 

Met MGs. 
Lea, Kellie, Bon, Cassie, Linds, Nikk, Me, Kaley, Adrianne, Ann, Em, and Jenny
I met the Springville crew and we went on an amazing road trip to California.

Dated a lot.
Declared my major.
Started dating Kyle.

Junior Year
I got engaged. 

I started working at IS. 
I planned a wedding. 
Became good friends with Sarah and Ginger.

I got married.

Senior Year
Spent a lot of time with Kyle and went on some fun trips (California, Yellowstone, Florida).
Hung out with Ayisha, of course!

Hung out with Sarah and Ginger.
HARRY POTTER's 7.1 and 7.2 came out.

Just enjoyed married life.

My baby sister got baptized.

Hung with my MG's.

Celebrated our 1 year anniversary.
Became good friends with the girls at work. 
And then.... Graduation!

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ali sanchez said...

pretty much i love you:) you are living proof that not everyone goes to the y and gets married their first semester :)