Monday, August 1, 2011

Catching Up

I finally have a little time to update on our life and catch up.

First I just have a couple pictures of Ayisha, Casey and I when we went to watch our friends Brandon and Julia in Camp Rock! at the Scera Shell. We accidentally purchased front row tickets and had a blast.

Also! I know I mentioned in a previous post that Kyle ran a marathon! I'm real proud of him for pushing though and finishing it! He ran the first 21 miles in good time, but then his feet were hurting so he finished up in his flip-flops. Nathan, Mel, me and the kids were all there to welcome him when he crossed the finish line. He was happy to be done, and to have some people there cheering him on :)

Proudly displaying his medal!
K and I!
Finishing up, with Liam running along side him.
He finished!
Hanging with Baby A waiting for Kyle to finish.
Cute Liam waiting too.

We went to Lake Powell over the weekend with our ward. We drove down on Thursday afternoon and arrived in time for dinner. We ate, played some games, and just chatted it up on our bishop's house boat. Friday was the day of boating. K and I were able to go out three times, and we had a lot of fun! We spent the rest of the time eating, swimming outside of the houseboat, and getting to know people in our ward.
We had such a fun time, but sadly, zero pictures were taken - we were having
too much fun!
We drove back on Saturday morning, stopping off at Grandma Hanson's. We were able to eat lunch with her, Kyle's Uncle Jon and Aunt Gayla, and cousin Renee
and her family. 
We came home, napped, showered and went over to Alishia's birthday party where we played Dance Central on the Kinect - so fun!

Then! Yesterday one of my best friends, Janae, had her baby! 
I am soooo excited and happy for her and Cory! They will be awesome parents.
Ayisha and I were able to go visit them in the hospital just after she was born.
Oh I love her already.

Kynzlie Jo Boyce!

Whew, ok, I think that's all! 
Now on to future plans!

This week is Kyle's and my's last week of work! (That is definitely not proper English, oh well.)
We also have a lot to do...
A final paper, a take home final, and Finance homework for me.
Hanging out with Lindsay on Tuesday.
Taking Janae and Cory dinner (and snuggling on the baby) on Wednesday.
Maybe playing with Sarah and Ginger on Thursday.
Dinner at Whitney and John's on Friday.
Lunch with Kylee on Saturday.
A BBQ with Shauna, Roger, Bud and Cami on Saturday.
Maybe seeing Jay and Julia and maybe a bonfire up the canyon. (Also Saturday).
Dinner with Garyn, Jill, Tyler and Alishia on Sunday.

Next weeks activities include packing, packing, and more packing.
Cleaning. Taking my last final at BYU. 
Spending time with our families.
and moving.

So don't be alarmed if I don't update for the next little while.

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Sarah said...

Umm Ok.. I officially hate you. Haha I have no idea how to make a cute blog ... yours is adorable. Secondly I didn't know she had her baby.. she is adorable. When are we going to go on a double date.. maybe we could go see HP again :) Haha