Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Birthday, Graduate School, and a Job!

Alrighty, I have quite a bit of information to get out onto this little blog of mine. Let's first start with Kyle starting graduate school. Here he is looking quite handsome on his way to his first class. 

He's liking school so far, and I love that is taking classes similar to the ones I took for my major (such as a Human Development theories class, and a Family Processes class). It's fun to know what he's learning and be able to talk to him about it.

Second, I got a job! I'm a Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) worker at Access Point Family Services. I'm waiting for my background check to come through in order to start working with the kids, but I've been training and stuff. I was offered the job last Monday and am really excited to start. I'll be working with kids 3-17 who mostly have rough backgrounds and need help in a variety of areas (social cues, personal hygiene, anger management, obedience, etc).  A lot of the kids are dual diagnosed, and I'm excited to put my major to good use and to help them if only in a small way. Obviously I won't be writing a lot about it on my blog, mainly because of confidentiality agreements, but I'll let you know how it goes. I am SO SO SO nervous to start, but also excited. I'll be working about 40 hours a week, sometimes less depending on kids' schedules. I'll be working in the school, in the home, and in the community with the kids. (Funny sidenote, I got a call today offering me the Behavior Tech job at the alternative high school that I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago.... Nice to know that people want me to work for them!)

Another update - my birthday was on Sunday! I turned 22. (I know, I know, I'm such a baby.) Our celebrations kind of started on Friday night, because we were able to see Cory, Janae, baby Kynzlie and the rest of the Boyce family since they were up here for a wedding. K and I went over to Cory's grandparents' house and hung out for a few hours. We love them! Saturday Kyle and I drove to Idaho Falls and went to a session in the Idaho Falls Temple. It's really pretty inside, and we love being in the Temple. Afterwards we went out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse, yum! We came home and watched Batman Begins (a birthday present from Kyle). Sunday, K gave me my card and an iTunes giftcard, and made me french toast for breakfast. After church we went to our neighbors/landlords for a  barbecue. It was really great to get to know them and their family better, as well as meet some more of the  neighbors. As an end to the birthday celebration, yesterday I went shopping at Downeast Outfitters and got some cute clothes! A pair of jeans, two shirts, two pretty tanks (to put under cardigans) and a headband for $54! I love me some good deals, and some new clothes :)

We're having a good time getting to know the town of Pocatello, and are enjoying it so far! The weirdest thing is getting used to all the one way streets that are around. But the people here are friendly, and we like our ward. Our apartment is almost all the way put together (the second bedroom needs some work) and soon I will take pictures and give you a  photo tour on the blog of our new home.

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Cassie Lynne said...

I love that Kyle's head is almost touching the ceiling :) Miss you