Saturday, March 26, 2011


I apologize for not updating more often. It's kind of weird of me, isn't it? I've been busy doing schoolwork, and working, and spending time with Kyle. Kyle's been busy working, and also searching for a seasonal job for the summer. We've also started to watch all episodes of Arrested Development. Pretty hilarious, for sure. We've also been doing really well with working out, go us! We're going to get in shape!

Recently, my friend Adrianne posted pictures of her high school self, as a visual of her goal appearance/weight. (Me and the MG's are doing a "Biggest Loser" of sorts. Basically just motivating each other to eat more healthy, and work out more regularly!) Anyway, she wanted me to post some, as it's fun to see what we looked like before we met! So, here are some fun pictures of me from high school. Hard to believe that I've been graduated for almost four years!

This was actually Freshman year of college, but you know, same diff.
Homecoming Senior year, shows my love of A1 sauce :)
Senior year of high school.
Senior year Prom.
Me, Whitney, and Meg at Disneyland during our Dance Co trip, March 2007.
I was an escort for Mr. Mountain View, January 2007, and got to wear this awesome dress!
My senior picture for Dance Co.
Me and Ayisha, this was actually freshman year of college, too.


AdrianneJayne said...

Ha! Yayyy! Thanks for posting these! It is so fun to see. And you weren't joking.. you were so tiny! Strangely enough though, you look pretty much the same. I like it!

mal said...

Haha you're adorable. And you look like a little baby girl in high school. I love it!

Janae said...

your so cute! i love it! i remember when most those pictures were taken!