Sunday, March 27, 2011

Goals for the Summer

* Find an apartment in Pocatello that has 2 bedrooms and washer/dryer hookups
* Find Kyle a new job (that should happen before summer starts!)
* Scrapbook our first year of marriage! (and our dating/engagement pictures too...)
* Do awesome in my summer classes
* Be on time to work every day
* Read for fun!
* Watch all seasons of LOST
* Re-read HP #7 (before July 15 of course)
* Graduate!
* Be outside as much as possible
* Figure out tuition waivers and assistantships and tuition, etc for ISU


Whit said...

I WANT to like this, but really I'm horrified that you're moving to Idaho!

Whit said...

Also, not on facebook. No liking.

Bonnie said...