Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a Christmas!

We have had such a fun-filled couple of days! We didn't take as many pictures as we should have... But we still had a good time.

Wednesday, I got off work a few hours early, and we drove down to Price to visit Grandma Hanson. It was fun to spend time with her, as well as Uncle Dennis, Aunt Sandra, Ryan, Lindsay, Ellie and Bracken! We spent the night down there, and drove back on Thursday morning.

After that, Kyle and I went out Christmas shopping. Then we drove up to West Jordan to celebrate Holly's (Kyle's mom) birthday as well as Christmas Eve a day early. We had a good time chatting, eating, and being together.

Friday was Christmas Eve. Kyle worked in the morning while I wrapped presents, made Jello salad, and cleaned the house a little bit. Holly and Evan came down, and we all drove to my mom's to celebrate Christmas Eve. Lots of good food and company :) We also opened our presents from Mom and Charity, and they opened ours. 

Yesterday was Christmas of course! Kyle worked from 7-11 am, so I slept in, and showered before he got home. Then we were able to open our presents from one another, as well as ones from Kyle's mom and dad. We got some neat stuff! I got a couple new pairs of shoes, some clothes, some perfume, a scentsy holder,  a couple of books, and Inception! Kyle got a BYU backpack, a giftcard to Cafe Rio, the new Weezer CD, and some clothes as well. We also opened our last two sets of dishes, lots of candy, yoga dvd's, and "Santa" (aka Kyle) brought us a soft serve ice cream maker! It's pretty awesome! We tried it out today and it made yummy ice cream. I'm such a sucker for soft serve, yum! (I'm probably forgetting some presents... But that's ok - we're grateful for everything we received!) 

(Not sure why this one won't flip...)

 My mom then came over, and we drove up to Nathan and Melanie's. We watched Despicable Me, and Inception, and ate dinner, and played with presents. Nate and Mel had us for the gift exchange, and they gave us yoga mats, to go along with the yoga DVD's we received, yay!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

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