Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Parties Galore!

I wish I was more creative.

With that out of the way, let me tell you about my life...
Work is crazy, but that's a given.

Saturday night, I went with Ayisha to Casey's birthday/Christmas party. It was so fun! White elephant won? A box of baby wipes.

Sunday, Kyle and I went up to the MG Christmas party, also a blast! White elephant won? A Christmas decoration - a snowman on a tricycle, I actually really love it! Steph took a lot of pictures, and I'll have to steal some when she posts them - these are the only three I took. Bonnie and Aaron are our married bff's, for real. We love them! (PS, Bon is prego with a baby boy named APOLLO. So excited for them!)

Last night was the Bishop family Christmas party. So fun! I love them so much. White elephant gifts won? The  four original Batman movies on DVD and a plate of Christmas goodies. We had a lot of fun playing with the kids, chatting, and eating! No pictures were taken at this one though :(

Today snow decided to take over Utah. Seriously, it was nuts! You would think we would've gotten a snow day at work... And maybe at any normal time we would have, but we're launching our new program in a week and a half, so there is no time for a snow day! Tomorrow we're planning on going down to Price in the afternoon to visit Grandma Hanson - hopefully we still can! Kyle's a safe driver, so we'll see. We'll probably stay over night there, and come back on Thursday morning. Thursday we are planning on finishing up our Christmas shopping, then heading over to Nathan and Mel's.

Oh! And you want to know the biggest Christmas gift/miracle EVER? I passed Physics (!!!). SO happy about that! Now I can celebrate my holidays in peace.

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