Monday, March 17, 2014

Things You May (Not) Know About Me

Awhile ago on the facebook world people were doing posts of little known facts about them. I did one, and then created a longer list. I hadn't posted it on my blog yet, so I thought I would post it today, just for fun. (That's not egocentric at all or anything....) So, here are some things that you may or may not know about me. If you don't care to read I won't be offended :)

Taken June 2011.

1) I am terrified of tornadoes and water. And by water, I mostly mean drowning. Seriously, TERRIFIED of both of them.

2) I'm an avid reader, I love to read! It's not only a hobby, it's a habit. But sometimes I don't feel very well-read when talking to others because my favorite genre is fiction, and not always "thought-provoking" fiction either. I also really enjoy reading "dark and twisty" books, that have questionable content. I don't often recommend those books to people.

3) My degree was in Family Life and Human Development. It wasn't just fluff'n'stuff. I learned about how the brain develops, I learned how language develops, I learned parenting techniques, I learned marriage tips, I learned developmental milestones and theories, and I learned how teenagers think, along with lots of other things. And it was hard, and I LOVED it.

4) I've held supervisory/management positions in all jobs but one (and that was working in a cafeteria so....). I've also gotten a job offer from every job interview I've had except one, and even then I got a second interview.

5) I love making lists. Lists, lists, lists. It helps my mind organize and my life is much more productive. I also just love the action of writing. It soothes me.

6) I didn't think I was a picky eater until I got married. I am. And by the way, I HATE onions. And bananas. And tomatoes (but not tomato sauce...). And..... Lots of other things. I am a plain, plain eater.

7) I wanted to be a teacher since I was in elementary school. I changed my mind my sophomore year of college and had a bit of an identity crisis. Although teaching was not for me, I admire all my teaching friends so much! It's hard work.

8) I was going to go to Romania for a semester, doing an internship working in an orphanage and hospital. I decided to stay home and get married instead, but I still hold a special place in my heart for Romania.

9) My favorite band has been Dashboard Confessional since I was in 9th grade. That said, I love music. All kinds. Rock, pop, emo, country, pretty much just a little bit of everything.

10) I was named after the island/kingdom of Great Britain. And my name is spelled like this, B-R-I-T-T-A-N-N-Y. Two N's, people. And two T's. But I won't be offended if you spell it wrong. But I will be extremely pleased if you spell it right.

11) I haven't had Dr. Pepper since March 2013. (A YEAR!!) This is a big deal. I've also been off caffeinated/carbonated beverages since then, although I still enjoy a rootbeer every once in a while. And I've had a few sips of Mountain Dew (rebel!). I had to quit all soda cold turkey though, to insure I could kick the habit.

12) I used to highlight and lowlight my hair, but the last time I did was right after we got married. I love my natural hair color and feel no need to switch up my hair. I have donated my hair to Locks of Loves a couple of times though. I often will grow out my hair, chop it off, grow it out.... Etc.

13) I didn't get my driver's license until I was married, and 21.

14) It took us a year to get pregnant.

15) I love buying makeup, but hardly ever use it... But brand new make up is just so pretty!

16) I've kissed 4 boys, and thought I was going to marry each one. (Yes, even my first boyfriend at age 15 - I'm a romantic, you could say.)

17) I absolutely love clothes shopping. That's probably not a secret though.

18) I've never broken a bone. And the first (and only) time I got stitches was 4 days before my wedding.

19) I consider my graduation from BYU the biggest achievement of my life. Seriously, I'm so proud of that degree.

20) I spend an absurd amount of time worrying that I'm accident prone, but really I'm not.

21) I have terrible vision. My vision is like -9.5 in one eye and -10 in the other. Or somewhere close to that. I've had glasses since kindergarten, and contacts since 3rd grade. And I wear hard contacts, not soft. One day I'll get Lasik.... I also hate wearing my glasses.

22) I has a few poems published when I was in junior high and high school. I wish I would have begged my mom to buy the volumes they were published in.

23) I try to pretend I'm crafty... But really I'm pretty mediocre when it comes to that stuff.

24) I love desserts. All of them. Except lemon bars and things with raisins. Mostly I love chocolate stuffs.

25) I don't love breakfast foods. I do love french toast and crepes, but that's about it. Not to say I don't eat it or enjoy it (I chose to go to IHOP for my birthday one year...) but it's not something I crave.

26) I have a late August birthday, and was generally the youngest in my class. So I graduated high school and started college at 17. And graduated college at 21.

27) I took French for approximately 9 years. I also took a couple classes of ASL. I love those two languages and wish that I could continue studying them.

28) I love musicals. It's kind of a closet love of mine, I'm not sure if people know this about me. But I know lots and lots of lyrics to musicals.

29) I'm not an animal lover. They can be cute enough, but I never want to have one.

30) I hate wearing socks. I would rather my feet freeze than wear socks on my feet.

31) I love to dance. And I miss it.

32) I'm terrified of those dough canisters that pop open. Like I become paralyzed with fear if I have to open one. I also hate all loud noises (fireworks, balloons popping, etc). If I am around those things I will probably be hiding in a corner with my ears covered until all the balloons are popped, the fireworks have gone off, etc.

33) I love to sing. I'm not particularly great at it, but I can carry a tune. I've sung in multiple choirs and musical numbers and hope to continue to develop my tiny talent :)

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Lisa said...

Hilarious. The dough containers, i can relate. Hated those things all growing up!