Sunday, March 30, 2014

37 Weeks

37 weeks!
(On 3/25)

"Full-term" or "early-term" depending on  if you are going with the new definitions or not. 
Either way, not a lot of time left! 

We received our dresser in the mail, and Kyle put it together on Monday. We also hung up a few of the pictures we wanted to. And on Tuesday the little totes I had ordered to hold socks, diapers, etc. came so I have been organizing them as well! I've washed all the baby clothes and sorted them by age, putting the bigger sizes in a plastic tote, and the smaller sizes in the dresser. The nursery is starting to come together and that is exciting!

(This is the post I had in my drafts on Tuesday - I was waiting until my appointment on Thursday to update it with any info I got there... But obviously that didn't happen!)

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