Tuesday, March 11, 2014

35 Weeks

Nothing new to report, really.
Just getting bigger and bigger and more uncomfortable. And by more uncomfortable I mean I'm uncomfortable every minute of every day :) Baby has started to "drop" (or maybe just grow, ha) since I can now feel him down by my cervix and pelvic bone which is also a really comfortable feeling ;) 
At my doctor's appointment last week everything looked good! Still measuring right on track, and I gained 2 pounds, putting me at 160, and a weight gain of about 15 lbs so far. 

A couple of weeks ago we had our tour of the birthing center at the hospital where I'll be delivering. It was pretty cool to see where it will happen and to become a little acquainted with the layout, what's available, etc. I decided against taking a breastfeeding class, because I have done some research on it already, and I feel like that is about all I can do until I have a baby to "practice" with, if that makes sense. The hospital has several lactation specialists who visit you as soon as you have your baby, so I feel like I will get all the help I need those few days in the hospital. 

I have a doctor's appointment next week, and then I start to go every week! I can't believe it. At my next appointment I get to be tested for Group B Strep, and my OB will do a quick ultrasound to see what position baby is in (hopefully head down!). I think I will have one more round of labs to do, too. (This pregnancy, while not having cured me of my hate/fear of needles, has sure made it easier to bear, haha.)

A Few More Random Pregnancy Related Things: 
I'm really not nervous for labor and delivery at all. It's going to happen and I'll just roll with the punches. Some people have an elaborate birthplan, but I only have a few things I'm really worried about, and even then, if things don't go that way, that's ok.

Our nursery is cleared out, but it's just full of baby things, and not organized at all. I guess I should get on that :) We've been looking for a dresser since I got pregnant (trying to save money by going the thrift store/craigslist route) but so far haven't been able to get anything. We have found a couple of ones we like online (Walmart) and will probably order one this week.
I'm glad the weather is warming up so I can clean out my car, and Kyle can repaint the rocking chair, too.

I'm assuming that I'm going to go overdue, or at least the full 40 weeks, but who knows? I've had the dates of April 10 and 11th in my head most of this pregnancy, though, so maybe my "mother intuition" will be right. But it was way off when it came to the gender, so this is probably off, too.

Mainly we are just excited for this little guy to get here!
I am excited to have him in my arms and not be paranoid that I don't know how he's doing in my belly!

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Cam said...

You look great! I can't wait to see pics of your baby and hear how everything goes. Hang in there!