Wednesday, November 20, 2013

19 Weeks and GENDER REVEAL

Yesterday we went in for our anatomy scan and found out that Baby Hanson is a....


We were both kind of shocked, to be honest. 
All throughout this pregnancy, I tried really hard not to lean towards one gender or the other. But when people are constantly asking what you want, or what you think it is... It's hard not to think. A few weeks ago Kyle and I talked about it, and admitted to each other that we both thought it was a girl. I figured we couldn't both be wrong, haha. "She" or "her" popped out of my mouth quite a bit. But so did "they" when I was trying not to discriminate. (No, we are not having twins.) 
Like I mentioned, Kyle's brothers all had girls first. And let's be honest, I could just see myself with a girl more, probably because I wasn't brought up with any boys.
So, when the ultrasound tech said, "it's a baby boy" and showed us his goods
I was shocked. 
But not unhappy.
And now that I've had time to process the information, I couldn't be happier.
Or more excited!!
I'm glad that we're having a boy first - and I've always wanted one - just to have the older brother for the other siblings to look up to, and for them to have a protector. 
And how cute is Kyle going to be with a boy? Teaching him sports and
things. So sweet.

We are about 99.9% decided on a name, but I will probably talk about
that in another post.
(We pretty much had one girls name and one boys name picked out before we got pregnant, so we just have to make sure that that is what our child should be called the rest of his life!)

Woah, that got long fast, sorry.
The rest of the scan was great. Baby is healthy and developing normally. He is currently head up, with his head right under my belly button, and facing towards my spine. His little feet are resting on my bladder (that explains a lot!). I think the coolest thing to see was his spine and his heart with 4 distinct chambers. 

Since his head is facing my spine we weren't able to get a good face shot of him. Here is the back of his head, and profile, and you can see his little hand up by his mouth, possibly sucking his little thumb. Melt my heart!

I've been feeling better and better, and am getting more and more excited for this little man(!) to get here. My stomach is steadily growing, and it just amazes me how our bodies can accommodate another little human.

To end, here's the latest belly shot, taken last night.

19 weeks.