Tuesday, November 12, 2013

18 Weeks

Here I am in all my 18 week glory.
My hair's falling out, my hanger strap thing is poking out, and I look pretty exhausted. 
But to be honest this was taken at like 7 pm, after a day of running errands, so I don't feel too bad about it :)

Not much to report over here.
ACTUALLY I have been feeling the baby move, for about 1.5 weeks now. Not every day, by any means, but every other day or so I will feel what I describe as "pops" kind of like popcorn popping, right down in my lower abdomen. So that has been pretty neat. I'll be even more excited when Kyle can feel the baby kick!

A week from today - the 19th - we have our anatomy scan! We are excited to find out if we are having a little boy baby or a little girl baby. 
Just to satisfy my own curiousity, I'm adding a poll over there <----- that you can vote on. I just am curious to see what other people think.
We are both kind of thinking girl.... But who really knows? Kyle's three brothers have all had girls first, so we will see if we carry on that tradition or not.
So, if you care to, vote!


Jessica said...

Girls first are the tradition ;) We're excited to hear next week!

BC said...

You cute, cute pregnant woman, you!

Evan said...

So here's our votes. I'm guessing it's a boy and Evan says it must be a girl. We've got it covered either way and we're praying for a healthy little one, either sex, of course!
Love you,