Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Rainy Seattle Weekend

A couple of weekend's ago Kyle and I drove over to Seattle to spend a weekend with Garyn and Jill. Kyle was roommates with Garyn for 2 years at BYU, and he and Jill were married the day before us. We love them a lot! They are currently living in Portland, while Garyn attends grad school, so we were excited to move "closer" to them. Seattle is fairly in the middle, so we decided to get together!

We drove down Friday afternoon. Kyle and I got stuck in traffic 80 miles outside of Seattle. It took us 2 hours to go 10 miles. Yuck. But we finally made it. Garyn found a little 2 bedroom rental house, and it ended up being perfect. We went out to dinner that first night, and got settled in.

Saturday morning we got up and explored Pikes Place, the public farmers market. There we found the most delicious French bakery, called Le Panier. That morning K and I split a pain au chocolat (chocolate croissant), a Jacqueline (basically an open creme puff with strawberries), and a chocolate eclair. It was sooo delicious.

Pikes Place fish market in the background - home of the flying fish!
They have gorgeous flower arrangements for sale all around!
Eating my delicious pastries.
So divine.
A nice blurry picture of me and the gum wall.

We then went and found parking for the game, and headed into the stadium. It was a fun game, and we even got to see a grand slam!

After the game we walked around the mall for a while and then went to get on the list for dinner at The Crab Pot. The Crab Pot is this amazing place where you order crab, shrimp and other sea food and they  just stick in on the table in front of you, and you go at it with a hammer.
Our delicious, steaming pile of crap and other things.
After the damage was done.
This picture kills me... Especially Garyn's face.

Sunday Jill and I went back to Le Panier for breakfast (another pain au chocolat and a raspberry jam filled croissant, and Orangina, yum!) while the boys went elsewhere. We wondered around Pikes Place a little more, than went to the Seattle Art Museum. It had a couple cool pieces but wasn't too amazing.
A Jackson Pollack!

Then we said goodbye, and drove back on home. Like I said before it was really good to see Garyn and Jill, and fun to go on a little weekend trip :)

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Jill Gulbranson said...

Definitely need to repeat that! We had the best time and just love you both!