Monday, September 16, 2013

A Quick Catch-Up Post

I have been nothing if not a bad blogger. So here's a post to catch you up on our life, but it will be sans pictures because I am too lazy for that. Ok? Ok.

Well, the first week of September I spent in California at Brooke and Blaine's. Brooke had surgery on her back so I went to go help her out and take care of the kiddos. It was a lot of fun to spend time with them! It was also my first time flying by myself, so that was exciting. Everything went well except my flights home. My first flight ended up being delayed by a half hour and then my second flight was delayed by about an hour. I finally got into town around 10 pm and I was so tired. Not the worst delay story ever, but still one I'd hope not to repeat.

This past week Ish came into town to visit! We had a lot of fun and I'm so glad she came! I also caught up with Dani via the phone on Wednesday which made me happy.

Kyle and I were called to be CTR 5 teachers in our ward. Luckily we only have a small class, and pretty adorable children. We also spoke in church yesterday and it was my first day of ward choir, so that was pretty busy.

Life is good over here at the Hanson house! Kyle is getting more used to his job and we are still going on adventures and learning about our new home. In two weekends we are headed to Seattle to meet up with Garyn and Jill for the weekend! We rented a small house and are going to a Mariners game. We're excited that we moved closer to them. We've missed them.

Life is good :)

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