Monday, October 28, 2013

16 Weeks

Tomorrow I am 16 weeks. In all honesty this pregnancy has flown by, even with being sick. Although I'm sure it will be quite the change once my baby belly is large and in charge.

 I finally got around to scanning in our ultrasound picture, and taking pictures of my growing belly, so finally, here you are! (And don't worry, I know that ultrasounds are kind of lame to post. I'm going to post this one, and then maybe like 1 or 2 profile shots when we have our anatomy ultrasound. No flashing of baby's privates over here!)

Our little babe at 10 weeks.
Me at 15 weeks (and some odd days...)

I'm feeling much better these days. Still randomly throw up at times, and I've got headaches, and dizziness, and fatigue, and congestion... But I'll take that over feeling sick 24/7. 
I feel silly saying that I am starting to feel uncomfortable, even though I am barely showing, but I am. So, take that for what it's worth. 
We go in for our anatomy scan 3 weeks from tomorrow, so hopefully baby will cooperate and we will be able to learn if it's a boy or a girl! 


Cam said...

I'm so glad you're starting to feel better!! It can only go up, right? :) ps I totally agree with the uncomfortableness. I think it's almost worse at this stage because the baby is so inside you since you're not showing yet, you know? So hang in there, that gets better soon too! And then worse... but we won't think about that part :)

Jordan and Katelyn said...

Blech, no fun being sick!! Glad to hear you're feeling better! And you look great! Can't wait to hear if it'll be a boy or a girl! So fun! And just in time for Christmas too!!