Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Yep, that's right! 

Baby Hanson is on the way and is due April 15th!

We couldn't be more excited!

I am currently 14 weeks along, and we had our second doctor appointment today. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat, and everything else looks good! At my 10 week appointment we were able to have an ultrasound done, and saw our little one!

Here's a little recap of the last couple months. 

We found out we were pregnant on August 20th. 
I had been feeling  a little iffy but wasn't sure if it was because of a looming period or what. I dragged myself out of bed and went to Walmart to buy a test. I took the test and was astonished to see it was a positive. 
And then I called Kyle at work, freaking out.
I'm not sure if he has forgiven me for not waiting until he was home to test, and that
I told him over the phone :)
I was 6 weeks along the day I found out.

I was sick, sick, sick, for about 7 weeks. 
I didn't throw up too much, but I was nauseous, had headaches, was occasionally dizzy, had excess saliva and nasty tasting mouth, was super congested in my nose and throat, was exhausted, and was super sensitive to smells.
I lost about 7 pounds in the first trimester. Food was not my friend. Except it was because if I didn't eat then I got even sicker. It was pretty nasty.
Finally around 12-13 weeks the majority of the sick feeling left.... And now I am just tired. But at least my appetite is mostly back. I'm also still getting pretty sick in the evenings.

So that's our news! Again, we are so excited! 


Ayisha said...


Still can't believe this. Still freaking out excited. I am just So very happy for you two. You will be the most fantastic parents. Baby Hanson is one lucky child!

Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness Britt!! I have so crazy excited for you guys! Having a baby is the best!! You are going to look so cute with a little round belly. Congratulations!!!!

Jill Gulbranson said...

We are just so beyond happy for you guys!