Monday, October 28, 2013

A Short, Bulleted List of an Update

I keep starting blog posts and I can't finish them. So here's hopefully a short, succinct post that will be finished and posted.

+ Kyle and I are loving being in primary. We teach the CTR 5 class (5 turning 6) and they are a hoot! They are fairly well behaved, and always say the cutest and funniest things. We will be sad to lose this class when the year ends!

+ I've been meaning to do a full book review post on these books, but this will have to do. Read The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica. Read them now. Even if you don't think they are something you'd like (because that's what I thought). There are 6 books, with the 7th and final book coming out in November.

+ Also I am realllly excited for Ender's Game. But I am REALLY REALLY REALLY excited for Catching Fire! It was nice to see the new trailer and all, but really the only way I will be appeased is by seeing the whole movie.

+ Even though I haven't been getting out too often, it's been so nice having fall here. It will be interesting to see what winter in northern Idaho is like!

+ We are going to California in December and I am soooooo excited! We will be spending a few days at Blaine and Brooke's and then spending a few more days down in Anaheim. Disneyland? Yes, please!

+ I finally added pictures to our Seattle post. You're welcome.

+ Lastly, we got so many comments when we announced our pregnancy! I was not expecting that at all. Thank you so much, for your kind words. We are so excited and blessed :)

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