Friday, August 30, 2013

My 24th Birthday!

On Wednesday I turned the big 2-4. I am officially in my "mid-twenties", what? Most days I can hardly fathom that I've been graduated from high school for 6 years, graduated from college for 2, and have been married for 3! I am a grown-up.

My birthday was low-key, but still great! When Kyle got home from work I opened up my presents. I got She's the Man and Easy A, and some shirts. Then we went to the Grille from Ipanema, a Brazilian BBQ restaurant like Tucanos, and it was delicious! It overlooks Lake Coeur d'Alene and is owned by people in our ward. Like I said, it was delicious! Our favorite is the garlic steak, and the grilled pineapple of course! I also love the mashed potatoes. Then we came home and watched Easy A :) I also got so many great birthday wishes from so many people. Thank you, thank you! And special thanks to Kyle who made my day great. I love you!

Kyle got me a really awesome balloon that said "Happy Birthday Princess" on it.
Outside the restaurant. They are doing some construction on what will become a lakeside park.
My K and I!


Chelsea said...

I'm glad you had a great birthday! Also, I LOVE YOUR SHIRT! We miss you guys :)

Ayisha said...

You're so happy and glowy!! :D You look stinkin' gorgeous. So glad your birthday was the very best.

sarah joelle said...

i LOVE your shirt! and i want to come see you and couer d'alene so bad! glad you had a great birthday!