Friday, August 9, 2013

Farewell Parties

Amidst the trip to Utah, a trip to Yellowstone, packing and cleaning, we had a handful of farewell parties, as well as just spent time with our friends.. We have really grown to love Pocatello and all of the friends we've made there. 

We went out to breakfast one morning with a handful of people from Kyle's program. 

I had a girls night with Kacey and Shaeli. We went to our favorite restaurant, Mahaba's, and got pedicures.

I had a girls night with Em and Lindsay, and we went to dinner at the Grecian Key, walked around the Farmers Market, and got shakes at Sonic.

It was Levi's birthday, and he and Shaeli invited us over for dinner along with our friends Garett and Colleen (and their kiddos). 

I went to frozen yogurt with Kasi. 

Bright Tomorrows threw us a lunch - we love those ladies so much and we are both grateful for the time we spent there.

Kasey and Shaeli threw us the most wonderful party! It was luau themed and in our backyard. So many people from our ward came (along with Emma and Kasi) and it was a lot of fun.

Me and my Emma! She was my assistant manager at SOH and one of my best friends in Poky!
Leah Lou, Kacey and Tyler's little one. 
Me and Kasi! I look up to her so much! She is such a great friend, and person!
Shaeli, Kacey and I. These two have been my best friends in Poky and I am so grateful for them and their friendship!!
Me and Enzo, Kasi's little boy. Isn't he to die for? I love him.
 I didn't get pictures of everyone who came, but we love them all!
Like I said, we have made so many great friends up here.
We loved our time in Poky!

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