Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yellowstone 2013

Since we were moving farther away from Yellowstone, Kyle wanted to go really badly. At first I was against it because we were moving across the state! But he said he would work really hard (which he did!) if we could go. So I gave in :) I love Yellowstone, too. We left on Tuesday, and came back on Friday (the week before we moved). We also had a groupon we had purchased for a river rafting trip in Jackson, so we wanted to make sure we used that. 

So we drove to Jackson on Tuesday, got our tent set up and spent the afternoon/evening hiking around Jenny Lake. 

My favorite buffaloes with the Tetons in the background.
Just a few more of my friends.
View of Jenny Lake from Inspiration Point.
View of the canyon from Inspiration point.
Kyle and I at Hidden Falls.
Our deer friend.
Our moose friends.
 Wednesday we got up, packed up our things and headed to Jackson. We went on a 2.5 hour raft trip, which was so fun. We did the "gentle" float and had a great time. We had a great guide, and a cute family of four from Utah in our raft with us.

It was really pleasant that day, and so pretty!
Me on the raft!
We saw quite a few bald eagles - and this adolescent one was so close to us!
Kyle and I :)
Close up!
 Side note: we had to sign our deposit agreement and send in our deposit this day for our new house. It was crazy with dying cell phones and no internet... But we got it done!

That afternoon we drove up to Yellowstone, where we stayed two more nights until coming home.

Gorgeous sunset over Yellowstone Lake.
Kyle doing his favorite thing - throwing rocks in the lake.

I believe that was an elk. 

All the buffalo have migrated to Lamar Valley!

Waiting for Old Faithful!

 As you can imagine, we had a great time! We really enjoy camping, and Yellowstone! This is the 3rd time we've been since we've been married! Now, next summer we'll have to explore Glacier!

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sarah joelle said...

i love how outdoorsy you guys are and how hardcore you are for tent camping in yellowstone. i am way too chicken to do something like that....