Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day

Let's be honest, I should be putting clothes away and/or doing the dishes, but I am procrastinating both of those things by sitting here and blogging.

Lucky you! But the good news is I have a couple of things to blog about, so it will be worthwhile blogging.

Last weekend, of course, was Labor Day. I mean Memorial Day. I have a hard time with those days.... Anyway, since Kyle and I don't have too much going on right now, we decided to make our weekend a long(er) one than just three days. We hopped in our car and drove on down to Salt Lake on Friday morning. Oh! And if you didn't know, Kyle's parents moved back home to Utah last month, after the last 6 years of living in Oklahoma. We love having them back! But I digress.... We drove to their house in Midvale, and Kyle helped move some of their furniture in from the garage, and I got the grand tour of the house! We ate dinner with his parents, and Alan and Jess and Claire.

Saturday we drove down to Utah County, first stopping at the Team Katrina fundraiser in Orem. It was so busy, and so great to see my family, as well as see all the support for Justus and the kids. What a great community! We grabbed lunch, and drove to Trent and Nadia's to see them and for me to finally meet baby Savannah. What a cutie! I love that little (big!) gal. Then it was off for dinner with the bestie. Oh how I adore my Ayisha. We hung out for a few hours and then went to my mom's house to stay the night.
(Sad I didn't take any pictures of the fundraiser... But I did just get my shirt in the mail and will post a picture of that soon! As well as my Team Katrina decal on my car!)

Kyle, Savannah and I.
(Not sure about my weird head angle...)

Isha and me!

Sunday we got up bright and early, Kyle's parents picked us up, and we drove down to Price to visit Grandma Hanson. We visited the cemetery  went on a little drive, and had lunch at Jon and Gayla's before heading back up to eat dinner with Alan and Jess and Claire. We also skyped with Blaine and Brooke and the kids, those twin nephews of ours are getting so big! And Allie is a hoot, as always.

Monday was a day of hiking with the whole family (minus Blaine and Brooke's clan), cemetery visiting, playing with the kiddos, and a barbecue to finish off the day. After the rest of the family left, Kyle and I and his parents watched Captain America. Yes, it was a good day indeed.

(I was terrible at taking pictures on Memorial Day, but will have to get some from Melanie!)

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