Monday, December 3, 2012


Saturday night Kyle and I went out on a date. It has been a little while since we've gone out specifically for a dinner date, so I was excited.
We had dinner at Johnny B Goode's, a 50's type diner. Their burgers are to die for, and it was fun sharing orders of tots and fries, and a delicious caramel shake. Yum! When we got there we originally were sat at a table, but a large family came in and we were asked to move to a booth, which wasn't a problem. However, the nice father of the family paid  for our shake. How nice! I am touched by people who do little things like that for others. 
After dinner we visited the pet store and looked at the puppies, and then went on a drive around town looking at Christmas lights. It was a great night, and it made me extra grateful for Kyle.

In other news, we decorated for Christmas. 
Here's our tree in all it's glory.

And also, I got crafty. Love my snowmen!

Nevermind. Blogger is telling me I've used up all my storage.
Gotta find a way to get around it. 


Erin Despain said...

The way I got around the storage issue was to create a new google account and then make it another author of the blog.

Chelseasaurus said...

I actually just encountered this problem this week! If you add the pictures on a google plus account, then you select them to insert on your blog, you can keep adding pictures.