Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

Another Christmas, come and gone.
Can you believe it's the 5th Christmas K and I have known each other, the 4th we've been together, and the 3rd since we've been married? Time sure flies!

We had a great, albeit short, Christmas vacation.

We drove down Friday night to Nate and Mel's. 
Saturday was spent doing some last minute shopping, and having our Hanson family Christmas dinner and sibling gift exchange. 
Sunday we went to church together, and then K and I drove to my mom's. (And we also visited Ish on our way down!)
Monday was spent watching Christmas movies and relaxing. We had Christmas dinner as well.
Tuesday (Christmas!) we spent opening presents, and then Kyle and I drove back to Nate and Mel's for a few hours to open gifts there, and eat dinner. We got back to Poky around 8 pm, I think.

We both got some clothes, some new shoes, and movies and treats. Kyle also got me a new dock for my iPod, so we can listen to music around the house. 

We had a great Christmas and are so lucky and blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends. 
We were so spoiled this year, and we are so grateful to everyone.
But especially our Savior, Jesus Christ.
He is the reason for the season, and the One who gives us all we have.

And now, some pictures from our Christmas!

Look of pure joy opening up her crayon maker.
Present from my dad.
Christmas morning. So hot right now.
My momma's pretty tree.
Sisters :)
So much love!

Liam got Angry Birds Star Wars Jenga and he loves it! He's showing it to his guinea pig Snickers, who is enjoying her new ball.

 Baby Claire enjoying Avery's new play tent.
Avery and I had a picnic with her new set.
Whitney loves reading with Uncle Kyle.
Avery still had a mouth full of dinner, haha.
Such a cutie.
Merry Christmas from us!

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