Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Is anyone else shocked that it's practically half way through December already?? Where does the time go? I for one am excited about Christmas in a few weeks.

And before I go on and tell you about my weekend, here are a few pictures you've been missing.
K and I. Yes, that is the result of me doing my hair and Kyle shaving at the end of no-shave November.
Our pretty Christmas tree!
My snowmen craft! Love them!

 And now, let me show you pictures of my weekend down in Utah. I went down for lovely Sarah's wedding. Oh how I love that girl. And Tyler. He's pretty great too :) I spent a lot of time with friends and family and loved every second of it! (Except for maybe that scary hour long drive from downtown SLC to West Jordan in a snowstorm at 11 pm. But you know. Other than that....) 

Me and the Avery!
Claire turned 1!
Enjoying her cake :)
That smile! So mischievous. 
Claire loves her cousin Liam.
Can't get enough of this cutie.
Claire and her adorable smile. Love this little one.
The color turned out weird in this one, but I love it anyway.
Sarah and Tyler got married :)
It was snowing and cold but you can't even tell. Sarah was a champ and looked beautiful!
Me and Niccole and Stefanie - love these two!
Me and my BFF the bride!
And again.

It was cold!
I couldn't leave without taking a picture of the Temple in the snow!

 A funny thing to note. After the ceremony, the sealer handed the marriage certificate to Sarah and said, "here's the deed to your property". I started cracking up, it was so funny! 

 Stay tuned for some more details and pictures from my weekend in Utah!

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