Thursday, August 30, 2012

Update Time

Guys. Isn't my Kyle the best? Ohh, I love him. Thanks for all of your kind words and birthday wishes! My birthday was great! I got to go home early from work and take a nap, which was fantastic. Our evening was full of fun with our good  friends at the ward corn dinner (our ward does it each August and has for a million years, and it's delicious). We have some really good friends in our ward, we lucked out for sure!

Kyle spoiled me with the new David Archuleta CD (yes, I love him) and The Hunger Games DVD. He also planned a weekend getaway for us up to Sun Valley. I am so excited! We will probably go the end of September! Oh, and I also got a skirt (which I picked out last month and gave to Kyle to give to me for my birthday... I'm not the only one who does this, right?!). It's super cute.

We also went to out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday night to celebrate. Yum!

So, the last few weeks have been busy.
Last Saturday Kyle ran the Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon (Olympic distance). He did awesome, and I am so proud of him! (A woman is supposed to email me pictures of Kyle, so when/if I get them I will post them.) I volunteered at the Triathlon and handed out water. It was freezing and then got really hot, and I didn't even get the volunteer t-shirt I was promised. (They ran out, bummer). And so no pictures were taken of our little adventure. Also, while at Bear Lake we tried a delicious hamburger joint, that made delectable raspberry shakes. I want to eat there every day. We also tried Bear Lake Pizza, but we weren't fans.

On top of that, Kyle started school on Monday. With 5 classes, lab, two internship sites, and 9 hours of work (plus any EQ duties) he is going to be a busy man! We probably won't see each other very much, but that's ok. It will be worth it! It's crazy to think he is starting his second and last year of his masters program! We've lived in Pocatello over a year now, it's so weird to think about.

Me on the other hand? Well, I have work. I really hope to get back into a routine this semester of cleaning, cooking, reading my scriptures, etc. And also exercising. And speaking of that... I am running a 5K on Saturday! As in, in two days. And I have only been running like... Twice this month. Oops. As long as I finish, I will feel accomplished :)

After my 5K we will be headed down to Utah for some family fun for Labor Day! We're looking forward to it!

PS: I promise our vacation post is coming soon....
PPS: I just started watching Downton Abbey last night with my good friend Kasi. I am hooked. I am also hooked on the chocolate ice cream cone dipped in cherry topping that we got last night from Tastee Treat as well, but I digress.

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Janae said...

Ahh! we really need to communicate more! you're coming to Utah for labor day, and we're going to Idaho! boo! I love you! hopefully one day we'll see each other again!