Monday, August 20, 2012


I am currently running a program to see if it will recover my lost files from my SD card... Wish it luck! But while I'm waiting for that, I thought I'd blog. Yet again the week got away from me. We have just been so busy! After a long day of work K and I just collapse on the couch and have no energy. (Well, mostly me...) My mom and Charity came to visit this weekend though, which was a lot of fun! We went to Jensen's Grove in Blackfoot (a reservoir with a beach!), ate some good food, and just enjoyed time together. The highlight of the week was playing Wii Fit together though. Holy cow, so hilarious!

And... Success! I was able to get some of my pictures back. Well, the program recovered all of them, but some of them are corrupted beyond worth saving... But still, some is better than none. And I will just save the rest of them from facebook.

In a bit I will post about our vacation, finally! And other things too...

But for now this post is ending because I have been sitting at the computer way too much today.

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Evan said...

So glad you got some of your photos back.