Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just a Quick Post to Say...

* that we had a super social day on Saturday. I went to IF for my bestie Adrianne's baby shower. (Thanks, Jed, for having family in IF so Adrianne got to come visit and have a baby shower for Juliet there!) Then Garyn and Jill stopped in Poky on their way home (to Oregon!) from Island Park and had dinner with us at the park. And then we went to an EQ activity, that turned into K and I, and three other couples in our ward playing croquet in one of the couples' backyard. It was awesome.

Me and Adri (and baby Juliet)

* that work was really calm Monday and Tuesday, but today all heck broke lose and I am stressed to the max again.

* that I get annoyed at my employees and I have to put on my mean manager face.

* that my old roommate and great friend Nadia is pregnant! I am SO excited for her and Trent!!

* that slowly but surely preparations for our vacation are getting done, and coming together.

* that I have been a basketcase this week. Even ask Kyle. (I have been a basketcase because I am a planner and have been stressing about leaving work for a week, and also getting everything together and done that is needed before leaving, and not forgetting anything.)

* that we leave for California on FRIDAY, which is the day after tomorrow!!! I am so excited to see my wonderful parents-in-law, my awesome brothers- and sisters-in-law, and the cutest and best nieces and nephews around on SATURDAY!

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