Friday, September 7, 2012

Timing, and a story

I've been home from work for about two hours, and am taking a break on the couch from cleaning. Our apartment has been desperately crying for attention (clean me! clean me!) for a few weeks now, so I thought I would take the opportunity to clean while Kyle is at work tonight.
But as always, I need a break.
So here I sit, in shorts that are a bit too short, my hair in a messy ponytail, in a half-cleaned living room. And I want to blog about something I was thinking about today. Which is timing. Half-inspired by Ish's last blog post, and half-inspired by just my own thoughts lately. But not of timing in general, timing in a specific time and incident in my life which I know led me to where I am today.

And it's about a boy named Jason. The boy I dated directly before Kyle. (I don't generally write specific stories about boys I dated, especially by name, because how embarrassing if they ever come across my blog... But I'm doing it today. So...)

I've shared our story a while back, and this is just one specific story that led up to Kyle and I dating, but it's an important one in my mind.

As you know, I was waiting for a missionary before K and I started dating, and I was also dating around. Jason was my best friend at the time's brother (and I still love her dearly). We had met a few months back, but reconnected via my BFF, of course. One thing led to another, we became friends on facebook, decided to be study buddies (as we were both at BYU).... and then we started dating. We never had a DTR, but hey, when you are cuddling and holding hands and spending any free time you have with a guy for a month or two, I call it dating. But I digress. I fell had for this boy and I thought he had hung the moon.
He changed the way I thought about my life. He changed my outlook on my life.
By that I mean I wanted to marry him. (Again, how embarrassing should he ever come across, but I'm just telling it like it was.) BUT. Because I fell so hard, and because I had this change of mindset, it helped me see that there was more to life than marrying my missionary. (Another side note: not that there is anything bad about waiting for a missionary.) BUT because it freed up my mind to consider marrying another boy, it set the stage for Kyle to come in and whisk me off my feet :)

Do you get where I am going with this? Even though I was friend's with Kyle already, and knew he was great, it took my experience with Jason to help me realize that I could marry someone else and be happy. So, after Jason and I broke up (again, as much as you break up for not having a DTR, but again with the digression...), I was ready to date Kyle about a month later, and give him the chance that he deserved, and lead me to know I would be so happy with Kyle, and choose Kyle as my love. (And guys, my happiness would have been at stake had I not made that decision.)

I don't know if Heavenly Father had a direct hand in this experience in my life, or just a slight nudge, but as always, the timing happened perfectly. Isn't it amazing? And timing doesn't have to deal with just dating and marriage. It can deal with family, it can deal with work, it can deal with school. Anything. It's amazing, like Ish said earlier, the life paths that we have taken and that we will continue to take to get to where we ultimately will end up, and where we want to be. And we owe it all to the Lord. We are so lucky, so blessed for His guidance in our lives, even when we don't see it, don't want it, don't acknowledge it.

And this my friends, is my Testimony today.


Katie said...

Love this so much :)

Ayisha said...

Flawless post. I heart you back :)

AdrianneJayne said...

And His timing often seems to be very different from ours. Aren't we blessed?

Bonnie said...

I had the exact same thing happen! One week after I was dumped by my "aha!" boyfriend, I met mr. Aaron Herrmann :)