Monday, July 16, 2012

Yellowstone 2012

K and I took a little vacay this past weekend, and went to Yellowstone! We both took Friday off, and we were able to leave on Thursday night. We stayed at a campground in Island Park that night, then drove up to Yellowstone Friday morning. We spent Friday and Saturday nights there, then drove home Sunday, taking a few pit stops in the Tetons on the way. 

We had a great time - and it was especially nice to spend so much time together! We also learned that our $20 tent from BB&B is not so waterproof, and we will mostly likely be investing in a better one in the near future. However, we survived to tell the tale. we also (re)learned that Brittanny is very allergic to bug bites and should always be doused in bug spray.

And now, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (with the help of captions). 

Big Springs in Island Park

Us at Big Springs

Artist Paint Pots - Kyle's favorite.

Old Faithful

Me with Old Faithful

Kyle with Plume Geyser

After eating delicious ice cream at the Old Faithful Yellowstone General Store


Hanging out in the car during a thunderstorm.

We were busting out Adele, Cee Lo, etc.

Bald eagle right by the road.

The Dragon Mouth... Cauldron... thing. Love it.

Beautiful view!

Tower Falls

K at the Brink of the Lower Falls

Lower Falls.

Upper Falls.

K after hiking down Uncle Tom's Trail.

Favorite view.

Me and my favorite view. 

He's handsome.

Our buffalo friend.

The picture you've all been waiting for.... My swollen knee and calf.

Me at Abyss Pool.

Kyle wanted a picture in the mist.

Another cool pool. They go so deep!

Me and my other favorite view - Yellowstone Lake!

Other  pretty little falls.

Jackson Lake.

Me at Jenny Lake.

 K and I at Jenny Lake.

So pretty.

We're silly.

One more pretty shot for the road.


Evan said...

Loved looking at all those familiar sights. Glad the sun shone some of the time & sure hope your swollen knee feels better soon. Wow, Kyle, that scruffy face really looked the part--roughin' it!

Kates said...

B, I'm horribly allergic to bug bites too!!! Mosquito bites are the worst for me, they swell up to the size of baseballs and then they HURT too. But Jason found me this allergy cream (like the benedryl cream but a different brand) and it's AMAZING. If your knee is still big, you should try it!