Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It's July? What? How did this happen?

.... We've lived in Pocatello for almost a year, and I've worked at SOH for 6 months. Kyle is half way done with his masters program. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

I've been a terrible blogger lately, again.

BUT, the next month has some very exciting plans so I will have exciting things to blog about soon. Also, because of said exciting plans, I only have one full 5 day work week in the next 6 weeks. Yeah, buddy.

This week: tomorrow is the 4th. No work. Play time for K and I. Excitement.
Next week: Yellowstone Thursday night - Saturday.
Week of the 16th: my full work week.
The next week: Girl's Camp! That entails having half of Wednesday off, driving to camp, spending two nights up there, and transporting girls home Friday morning. Yes.
The week after that: we leave for California on Friday. And then will be in California until the next Saturday.

Holy cow, I am so excited for this month/the beginning of August. My life basically rocks.

On a more serious note, I am blown away by  how many fires there have been lately. In Utah, in Colorado, and here in Pocatello. We had a fire last week in south-east Pocatello, up in the foothill subdivisions. The fire destroyed and/or damaged 66 houses. Over 1,000 were evacuated. Here, in little Pocatello. It makes me even more immensely grateful for our home. And the things we fill it with. Keep those affected by the fire in your prayers. (I hope I used the right affected....?)

Also, being in Young Women's is the greatest thing to happen, ever. (Except meeting and dating and marrying and living with Kyle.) I learn so much from these young women, and I learn so much preparing lessons, and activities for them. I learn so much as I learn how to be a good role model and example for them. The values and principles that we teach in YW are really so important. The decisions they make now really will effect their future. (Again, effect? .... that is one thing I never learned.) Even though I have only been out of YW a mere 5 years, I can see what a difference those things I learned in YW have made in my life. I am so blessed to be a part of that organization, again. I am working on earning my leader Personal Progress award... And again, the projects and activities they have the girls do are so inspired. My testimony continues to strengthen as I learn side by side the girls and other leaders, and as I work on the things they are also working on. I love them.

Now, it's time to wrap up this blog post, my lunch break is over.

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