Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Fourth of July

We had a really fun Fourth of July this year! Kyle started the day off nice and early by getting up to help the Scouts put out flags. I was able to sleep in a little longer. After I woke up we went over to our church for the stake pancake breakfast, yum! Our stake president, President Bernt, was cooking up pancakes while wearing an apron that said, "I specialize in Bernt cooking." We found it hilarious.

After the breakfast we went back home, and set up our chairs in front of our house for the parade. We felt pretty lucky that our house was right where the parade passes by. I'm so used to the parade in Provo that I found it so strange there weren't people crammed up and down the street 2 hours+ before the parade started. But it was nice, and not as stressful. While waiting for the parade we just got to enjoy the nice weather and each other. The parade wasn't anything special, pretty small town, and I loved it. No fancy floats here.

My handsome man and me waiting for the parade to start.

Oh, just me.
The flag!
Cool patriotic truck.
One of my favorite sayings.
Gotta love this "float"...
Yes, that is Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty.
My favorite float - McKee's!
Old fire truck.

Pink car!

Old streetcar.
Fire truck!
After the parade we had lunch - hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, Mountain Dew, and jello poke cake. Then we did some cleaning, took a nap, and then watched Glory and The Patriot on AMC. I hadn't seen Glory before.... It was good, but sad, of course. And I love The Patriot. So much. 

After some dinner, we drove up to a park and watched the Pocatello City fireworks. It was so nice to lay out on a blanket, with music playing, chatting with Kyle, and watching fireworks.

I love the Fourth of July.

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Godfrey's said...

Britt I am so jealous of your long beautiful hair! I can't believe how fast it grows. Never cut it!