Sunday, April 22, 2012

More Mumble Jumble

Yesterday, K and I woke up and were to the stake center by 8 am. We met with the youth and youth leaders in our stake, waited around for instructions for about half an hour, received muffins and bottled water, and then drove over to the large cemetery west of campus to rake leaves. It was the annual regional youth cemetery clean-up, and it was great to be apart of it. We raked leaves for 3 hours. We raked leaves not just on flat grass surrounding gravestones, but also raked leaves on the hills surrounding the cemetery, knocking them out of bushes, fences, etc. It was hard work. Luckily, it was a nice day, and we finished before it got too hot. It felt great to serve. Although, today, K and I are really sore. But it was worth it. I'm sad I didn't think to take any pictures while we were there, it really was a beautiful day, and the piles of leaves were staggering. 

In other news, we went and saw The Woman in Black last night. Oh my scary! I probably only watched about half of the movie. The other half was spent with my face buried in Kyle's shoulder. The storyline was quite interesting, and it was well done. Daniel Radcliffe was pretty great (and I could almost take him seriously...) I highly recommend it if you enjoy scary (jumpy, not gory) movies. Also - a couple of fun facts about the movie - in the 1989 version of the movie, the main character was played by Adrian Rawlins, who plays James Potter in the HP movies. Also, the little boy who plays D Rad's son in the movie is his godson in real life.

Also, this week is a three day work week! Yahoo! However, it's going to be a very busy three days. Kyle has 4 papers to finish and turn in. I'm going to work a long day tomorrow so that I can get in a few additional hours since I'll be missing two days. Tuesday is the YW camp fundraiser - which is a taco bar, dessert auction, and silent auction - basically a ward party. I'll have to go there straight from work to help finish set up and finish cooking all the food. It starts at 6, goes 'til about 8, and then it will be clean-up time. Wednesday will be a usual work day, and then we'll be driving down to Utah. Wow. But this Utah trip will be so fun! I'm so excited.

That's about all I've got... Sorry for the lack of pictures, again! :)

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Bryan and Anna said...

Thanks for the Woman In Black fun facts! I saw that a few weeks ago-very very very scary!