Friday, February 10, 2012

This is Kind of a Boring Post

I started full-time on Tuesday. And I am loving it. I get home around 4:30, I have time to relax, get things done, cook dinner, and be with Kyle. It's amazing really. Still trying to learn all of my job responsibilities... But loving it nonetheless. 

I went to book club on Monday night. It was awesome! Like I mentioned before, I went with Kasi. She is in the Counseling program with Kyle and so we met that way. She is so fun, and it was so nice of her to invite me along to the book club she was joining. The other girls in the book club were so nice and welcoming, and I'm looking forward to going each month and building friendships with them. I'm also excited to read the books we are planning on reading... As I mentioned, this month's book was The Kite Runner. March's book is The Rules of Civility, which I'm excited to start soon. I should probably finish LOTR first though.... I just started The Two Towers last night :)

I've been reminiscing this week on my wedding day, our Florida trip, and looking forward to our California trip in August! It's also crazy to think that Kyle has just a little over a year until he is graduated with his master's degree! Woah! My husband is awesome. And I love him :)

I don't have too much more to update on... Our lives are great, but not too exciting :)

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