Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday, and other news

Today was the Super Bowl. 
K and I love the Super Bowl. (Ok, K likes it a bit more than I do... I like food and gathering and socializing and half time shows that go along with it, but you know - same dif.) And even though it was just the two of us today instead of hosting a party like we have the last few years, we still enjoyed it. 
We had a "heartbaker" pizza from Papa Murphy's, Kyle made tex mex (aka seven layer) dip, and I made some chocolate chip cookies which turned out delicious (thanks to a recipe I found on pinterest, found here). 

In other news, I read The Kite Runner this week in preparation for a book club I was invited to attend (meeting tomorrow). I was excited to read it, yet also hesitant as I had heard it had some disturbing content and because I have struggled with books set in different countries/belief systems before (especially books set in China/Japan, but that's another story...) I made it through, and although it was very sad in some parts, I did like it overall. K and I watched the movie today as well. I'm excited to hear others perspectives on it tomorrow. (I'm also kind of nervous for the book club! My friend Kaci invited me [who I met though Kyle since they are in the same program] - and so I will be going with her, but meeting new people as well! It's like first day of school jitters.)
I'm also still in the middle of the Lord of the Rings. Love it.

And good news about my job! This is my last week of doing PSR! After that I will be working full time in the office, being trained in more Billing areas, and it will be great. I will be working 8-4 - I'm going to try to be really good about waking up early and getting ready as I'm not a morning person, haha. But I am excited to have a set schedule (!!!!) and be able to be home at nights. I also got my own computer at work set up on Friday (finally!) which also calls for a little celebration as I had been going to work not knowing if I was going to be able to get on a computer each day. And last exciting thing about work - Friday was pay day. My first paycheck, and a full 80 hours. Woohoo! We're going to be able to start actually saving money and paying off student loans, too! This job is a blessing for sure.

And last thing of the night.... The new Hunger Games trailer. 
Is. So. Good.

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