Thursday, February 2, 2012

Random Thought

Last night I was bored while Kyle was out running and playing tennis - I wasn't feeling very good either so of course I turned to the wonders of the internet. For some reason my thoughts turned to my old blog, and wondered if I could find my very first blog. I thought I had used a separate blogger account - and although I am about 100% sure I did, it seems like it was linked to my blogger account that I had previous to this, as taht one says I have been on blogger since 2004. And so it seems that I have deleted my old blogs (why would you do that, self!??) so that was a sad thing. While on this little trip down memory lane, I found a few of my friends old blogs - including one of my dear friend Kaylie from our sophomore year of high school. I also decided to login to my myspace account - first time in about two years and got a kick out of blog posts there, although it seems like I deleted some posts from that blog as well, which made me sad. But from the blog posts I did find - I was crazy. And immature. And my young teenage self cracks me up. I also got into my old email account (although my very first email account is gone, also a sad day) and become very entertained as I read old emails from freshman/sophomore year of high school.

.... Is there a point to this post? No. But I felt like I should document what I did last night, and how funny it was. I have grown up so much - thank goodness! And so... Yes. That is all I have to say.


kaylie jean. said...

...that wouldn't be me, perchance... would it? I don't even remember having a blog sophomore year! Could you send me the link??

kaylie jean said...

i found it.

i am so ashamed. how shameful. be glad you deleted yours.

blondest brain?? really???? hahahahaha. those were definitely some good times, though. :)