Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Getting Excited....

for our next two weekends!

This weekend we're headed down to Utah - I'll get to see Sarah and hopefully Ginger, go to Nancy's baby shower and see the girls, and then go to Kav's Indian party with K and Isha and other friends and party like crazy :) And Sunday night is a youth fireside which I'm super excited about.

Next weekend we'll be headed down to Utah again for baby Claire's blessing. I'm excited to see the family who we haven't seen since Christmas, and EXTRA excited because Blaine and Brooke are coming up from California and we haven't seen them since September! Ok, ok, I'm mostly excited to see Luke and Logan! Who will be 8 months old, and we haven't seen them since they were 2 months. Oh goodness. And Mom and Dad Hanson will be there as well. We love when the whole family can be together :)

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