Thursday, January 13, 2011

things on my mind

I loved this quote, shared by Becky today.
"The highest and holiest relationship God gives us in mortality [is] the love that a man   and a woman have for each other and the desire that couple has to bring children into a family intended to be forever. Someone said once that true love must include the idea of permanence. True love endures.... True love we are absolutely giddy about --as I am about [my wife] Sister Holland; we shout it from the housetops."
Becky is amazing. I've only met her a few times, personally, but she's best friends with a few of my good friends, and I think she's the greatest. Read her blog. Do it.

Also, Lissa is the cutest girl ever, and I love her blog. (And no, I've never met her...) But she was offering free photo shoots (thanks, Bon, for telling me!) and so I booked a session with her to take pictures of my babe and I. I'm so excited. The shoot isn't until February, but I'm excited.

I want to cut my hair again, into an A line. I'm going to refrain however, because I love the feel of my long hair draping over my coat collar. Weird? Probably. But that's how I roll. I am in need of a trim though. I'll be proactive and make an appointment soon.

Erm, what else? Life is good. Great. I need to work on my positivity and service. And I'll blog about my resolutions soon, I promise. And one day, I'll have an interesting and funny blog. Maybe. I'm not the best writer. 

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