Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recap of 2010

(I deleted half of the post by accident... So let's see if I can remember.. This post will be shorter than it was originally, I'm sure. And also sorry for the lack of pictures in the first half of the year....)

We went to the Auto Show, and started classes. We probably worked on wedding plans as well.

My good friend Kellie got married :)! We celebrated Valentine's Day and went to a Young Ambassador's performance. Some more wedding plans....

I went to the Festival of Colors with Nat and Em. Kyle turned the big 2-4. I got my bridal pictures taken. My best friend Leanna got married! More wedding planning!

Kyle graduate from BYU with a bachelor degree in Psychology. I was blessed to go through the Temple for the first time, and I was surrounded by family. That same week, Kyle's grandfather passed away. The funeral was the same day as my first Temple session, and it was a very special experience to contemplate the reason we have Temples.

Kyle's graduation!

My first time going to a Temple session!

Kyle and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple on May sixth. It was a beautiful day, and the best day of our lives! We were able to on a cruise down to Mexico for our honeymoon, and we had a wonderful time!



I started summer term classes. We went to an Owlz game with Garyn and Jill. Two of my good friends got married - Stephanie and Nikki. We celebrated our one year anniversary of dating.

We went to the Stadium of Fire and saw Carrie Underwood! Kyle got a job!

We went on an awesome vacation to Yellowstone National Park! We also stayed a night in the Grand Tetons. I turned 21 on that trip. I also started my last year of school!

We went down to Scofield for Labor Day, and we saw Brad Paisley in concert. I got my driver's license at the ripe old age of 21! We went to a BYU football game, and we celebrated our one year anniversary of getting engaged! Our niece Avery was born!

Kyle, Ellie and I at Scofield.

Me and Avery.

I made bread for the first time, and we bought our new desktop computer, and we went to a BYU game. Avery was blessed, and we spent Halloween with Nate and Mel's family.

Kyle and I with Avery on her blessing day.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom, and Nadia and Ginger. We went to the midnight showing of HARRY POTTER. Kyle got in a car accident with a semi.

Harry Potter!

Me, Gin and Sarah!

We went to my dear friend Whitney (Bleyl) Lummus's sealing in the Manti Temple. We celebrated Christmas with both our families. We went to Temple Square with my mom and Charity and that same night I went to the Motab and David Archuleta concert. I took finals, and we went to lots of Christmas parties. We spent New Years in Bakersfield, CA!

On Temple Square.

Christmas morning!

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